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What Others Say About Us
"Just wanted to let you know Slavic just finished up our job today and we are so happy with it. He came Friday and did an immaculate job on the patching of the hole in our ceiling (water damage). The texturing job was the best I’ve ever seen, you can’t tell there was any work done. Today he came by and painted. It was done quickly, professionally and with NO mess. He’s a credit to your organization, I would have no problem recommending Lawton to anyone I know. Thanks so much"
Sim T.
"As much as I will be very happy to have everything done…I think I will miss the crew as they are all very sweet and helpful. You don’t know how important all this is until you loose everything. I can say 100% if I had it to do over I would never consider another contractor. The entire process is very personal and Lawton treats it that way…I would happily relay my experience to anyone…they were great!"
Angela D.
"I have had two major home repairs completed by Lawton — in my kitchen and bathroom. These jobs, to repair water damage, included multiple elements — mitigation, drywall, flooring, cabinet work, electrical, etc. Their work has been excellent; their employees courteous and reliable. In addition, the costs have been quite reasonable. They work very well with my insurance company. I would recommend them to anyone who needs high quality home repair."
Kate R.
"The cleanup crew did a fantastic job removing the damaged material, masking off the rooms properly to limit dust/other from other rooms, and cleaning up in preparation of repairing the areas damaged by water. They were extremely customer oriented and very professional."

"We’d like express our sincere thanks to your staff, especially our Project Manager Ron Griesel for his sincere and through professionalism and great communication skills, he is a true asset to your company. Our estimator Matt Redmond as well has our sincere thanks for his prompt responses and efforts to launch and coordinate our project as well. Thanks also to your contractors, M&M Electric, Penkala Construction, and Mark Parr Construction. We thank your P.E. Chris Oliveria for his services. A sincere thank you for restoring our home."
Jeff & Diane Heard. 
"I would recommend Lawton to any of my friends who need construction work done. They were very professional and respectful while working in the kitchen. The work was well done. The granite counter top installation was extremely well done as it was a challenging layout. Thanks very much to Dimitri for his great work on that, we love the countertops! Thanks to all the team who worked on the project. Great job from beginning to end."

"We worked with Lawton on a garage fire restoration.  I have to say the garage is beautiful – and that’s usually hard to say about a garage.  They worked hard for us with the insurance company and went the extra mile to make sure that all damage was covered.  As glad as I am to have the job finished – the crew became more like friends and I will miss them.  Good job guys!"
Linda S.
"We had water damage in our vacation home. Our insurance company had Lawton contact us. Within hours Lawton had sent a team up to us to remove carpeting and to stop the mold and further damage. I was very pleased at how seamless the whole process was between the insurance co. , Lawton and us. Everyone we came into contact with were very likeable and willing to do whatever it would take to make us satisfied. We have our home back and it’s as good as ever. Thanks to all at Lawton."
Gary L. 
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California may have a temperate climate, but weathering cold winters isn’t the only thing insulation is good for. There are many reasons that your home needs to be adequately insulated, and Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. DKI in Lincoln would like to offer a few today.

Insulation increases efficiency

Winter in California might be mild, but it still isn’t summer! You may well find yourself switching on the heating over the colder months, and if your home isn’t well-insulated then you’re wasting money. Good quality insulation keeps heat in and cold out and reduces your energy bills. Not only that, but an efficient home is better for the environment too, especially one insulated with eco-friendly materials such as wool.

Proper insulation adds value

If you’re looking to sell your property in the future, ensuring that it’s adequately insulated is a near-necessity. Potential buyers are much less likely to invest in a property that requires building work and renovations such as updating insulation if there are other options available. In the current real estate market you need to make sure there’s no reason for buyers to reject your property.

Insulation dampens external noise

Insulation provides a buffer between you and the outside world, providing a calm atmosphere in your home. If you live near a busy street or have problems with noisy neighbors, consider updating your insulation! Fiberglass, rock wool and slag wool insulation are all great choices if you’re looking to minimize sounds coming into your home.

Insulation helps control moisture

Here’s the big one. Our area of California is prone to getting wet and that, especially coupled with warm weather, means a lot of moisture in the air. This moisture can easily find its way through any cracks in your property’s exterior and is the root of many problems in the home, including bacteria and mold growth and exacerbation of allergies. Good insulation can drastically cut down on the amount of moisture entering your home, especially if you choose a vapor-resistant membrane.

It’s nearly Thanksgiving so have a great day, but make sure to be safe in the kitchen too. If anything should happen to your home meaning you require property restoration in Lincoln, look no further than Lawton Construction & Restoration, Inc. DKI. We offer services including fire, smoke and soot remediation, mold removal and repair, and emergency response. Call 866-990-5150 to find out more or to get a free estimate.